Faculty Info - Brown U

Department Research Interest
Aizenman, Carlos D. Chemistry Effects of experience on synaptic development in the retinotectal circuit
Badre, David Psychology Memory and cognitive control
Barnea, Gilad Biology Mapping mouse olfactory circuits by molecular genetics
Berson, David M. Chemistry Retinal ganglion cells and their role in visual behaviors
Blumstein, Sheila E. Psychology Neurolinguistics and speech processing
Burwell, Rebecca D. Biology Hippocampal control of memory and attention
Connors, Barry W. Biology Neocortical and thalamic networks and their function
Donoghue, John P. Biology Neural control of motion and clinical approaches to restorative neurotechnology
Fallon, Justin R. Biology Synaptic mechanism and studies of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Fragile X
Frank, Michael J. Biology Neural models of visual cortical plasticity