Michael Rabadi

New York University
Graduation Status: 


I am a senior neuroscience major and currently working on my honors thesis in Dr. Lynne Kiorpes’ Vision Lab at New York University. I am primarily interested in upper-level vision and perception with a focus on object recognition and categorization. It is currently unclear if non-human primates are able to categorize objects in the same way that humans can. My current project in Dr. Kiorpes’ lab is to study object recognition and categorization in macaca nemestrina. An understanding of how objects are computed and subsequently categorized in the brain is essential to understanding individual perception and cognitive representation. I am also interested in how neurological disorders may alter the development of perception. I attended the summer program at Brown University where I explored how familiarity affected the visual processing speed of objects under the mentorship of Dr. David Sheinberg. I am applying to graduate school where I will pursue my Ph.D. in neuroscience and plan to continue my research in primate perception and development. One of my personal goals is to make neuroscience more accessible to the public through clear and engaging communication.

Presentation Summary:

  • Rabadi, M., Johnson, S.L., and Sheinberg, D.L. (August 2013). Exploring the Temporal Limits of Visual Processing of Familiar and Unfamiliar Objects at the Subordinate Category Level. Talk presented at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium. Stamford,
  • In Progress