Michael A. Bukwich

New York University
Graduation Status: 


After graduating from NYU in the Class of 2013 while working as a research assistant in the Glimcher lab, I am now pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience at Harvard. My primary research interest is in the neural basis of decision-making. The choices we make shape every aspect of our lives, and I aim to further our understanding of the neural processes that govern these decisions. I am forever grateful for the incredible mentorship that I was so fortunate to receive here. Thank you to Dr. Paul Glimcher and Dr. Kenway Louie for teaching me what it means to be a scientist every day in the lab, to Dr. Chiye Aoki for her endless support and mentorship throughout the SURP and BP ENDURE programs, and to Dr. Vanya Quinones, Dr. Regina Miranda, and Dr. Mark Hauber for all their invaluable advisement in BP ENDURE. I hope to make you all very proud!