Katherine Varela

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


Experiencing life as a child with epilepsy, or entering Neuroscience and formally learning about the brain, lead to my desire and passion to understand the human brain. As a BP Endure scholar, my goal is to pursue a PhD in Biological Neuroscience to study the brain dynamic of children with neurological disorders. Ultimately, I plan to use this degree to help children with neurological disorders improve their abilities in information acquisition and aid their cognitive development. By conducting research on neurodegenerative disorders, my mission is to control and maximize the synaptic plasticity of networks in the brain that control aspects of cognitive functionality. In particularly, I believe focusing on environmental enrichment will have an impact of brain morphology. I currently work under Neuroscience Professor Dr. Peter Serrano, clinically testing the effects that methamphetamine vs. abstinence have on the brain and behavior. I am an active volunteer member for NYCARES, currently working with children who have neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. My work and dedication will serve as an invaluable and instrumental step to achieving my goal of investigating neurodegenerative development in children.