Jing W. Liang

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


I am currently a Post-Bac IRTA Fellow at the National Institute on Aging, Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience for Dr. Shih-Chieh Lin of the Neural Circuits and Cognition Unit. We are Conducting research to determine the neurochemical identity of bursting neurons projecting from the basal forebrain to the cortex, determining noncholinergic circuitry in this region; conducting research on the effects of channelrhodopsin activation on the burst firing of this subset of noncholinergic neurons. I graduated from Hunter College who majors in Psychology and minors in Biology. My interests in neuroscience are primarily in the development of neurological disorders, but range to neuropharmacology and endocrinology. I recently completed my undergraduate thesis in Dr. Jesus Angulo's laboratory at Hunter College, where we study the protective effects of neuropeptides from methamphetamine-induced toxicity in the striatum. I also work as a research assistant in Dr. Michael Siller’s laboratory, researching the role of parental communication and its consequences on the development of an autistic child. This past summer, I attended a research program at the University of Michigan where I worked with Dr. Jill Becker on an independent project to determine the capability of an experimental cue to acquire incentive salience. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I plan to matriculate to a graduate program to earn a Ph.D. in neuroscience

HONORS & AWARDS National Institutes of Health, Post-Bac IRTA Fellow 2015-Present Post-Baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Woodrow Wilson National STEM Teaching Fellowship 2015 *Declined award in order to accept the NIH Post-baccalaureate IRTA award Livingston Welch Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Psychology 2015 BP-ENDURE Scholar 2014-2015 NIH/NIMH’s Blueprint for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Research Education Experiences Undergraduate Grant - Scholarship and Welfare Fund of Hunter College 2014-2015 Golden Key International Honor Society 2014-Present Departmental Honors in Psychology Major 2014 Mother’s Day Scholarship at Hunter College 2013 Psi Chi International Honors Society in Psychology 2012-

Presentation Summary:

  • Liang, J., Kutub, N.H., Angulo, J. Leptin attenuates caspase-3 activation in the murine striatum following the inception of methamphetamine. Poster session presented at the 42nd Annual Psychology Convention at Hunter College (March, 2014).
  • Kutub, N. H., Yelin, L., Liang, J., Angulo, J. Leptin protects striatal neurons from the methamphetamine-induced apoptosis in mice. Poster session presented at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Conference (November, 2013).
  • Liang, J. W., Yoest, K., Becker, J. B. Estrous cycle on motivation for cue linked to a food pellet. Poster session presented at the University of Michigan Undergraduate Symposium (August, 2014).
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