Jennifer Garraway

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


Jennifer Garraway is a senior at Hunter College – City University of New York, where she is working towards a BA in psychology and sociology. She is presently preparing to start her honors thesis in Dr. Jim Gordon’s Visual Psychophysiology Lab at Hunter. Her research project in Dr. Gordon’s lab is to determine if individuals suffering from certain neurological disorders in particular post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) have impaired lateral inhibition to visual stimuli. Jennifer is the recent recipient of both the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship and the Philip and Aida Siff Educational Foundation Scholarship. She was also awarded a fellowship from the University of Illinois Summer Neuroscience Institute. This summer Jennifer will be conducting research using fMRI studies alongside Dr. Tara White at Brown University. This research will focus on fear and emotional response in participants suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Last summer, Jennifer attended the Summer Science Academy at Vanderbilt University’s Pediatric Toxicology Lab. Under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Aschner, she conducted research in the area of glutamate uptake using rat neonate astrocytes. After graduating from Hunter College, Jennifer plans to participate in a summer long post baccalaureate international neuroscience program in Denmark. Hopefully she will be afforded the opportunity to increase her awareness of international research issues in the area of neuroscience. This experience in addition to her yearlong internship at Long Island Jewish-Lenox Hill Hospital’s therapeutic in-patient mental health unit will no doubt ably prepare Jennifer for a future conducting research studies involving individuals suffering from an array of neurological deficits. Jennifer’s plans for graduate school will hopefully lead her to a PhD in clinical neuropsychology where she can continue to research and study the neuropathology of mental health problems and hopefully help to identify biomarkers that will be essential in determining which individuals are at risk for developing PTSD. This information would be most beneficial in determining which soldiers are at risk or predisposed to developing this disorder. .

Presentation Summary:

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