Itzik Nahmoud

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


Neuroscience research has allowed me to actively investigate two very different aspects of the brain’s ever-mysterious neural anatomy while using some of the most sophisticated technological updates into modern laboratories. In Dr. Ekaterina Likhtik’s systems neuroscience lab at Hunter College I have been investigating the neural circuitry which is hypothesized to bring about anxiety and anxiety disorders. All the while, in researching this phenomenon I help encode, integrate and independently utilize Pavlovian conditioning paradigms by including optogenetics and spike pattern analyses to ultimately investigate anxiety behavior in mice as imparted by possible human intervention of the appropriate circuitry. Furthermore, to supplement my awareness of the brain’s inner workings I have combined my passion for neuroscience and a curiosity about oncology in Dr. Michael Cooper’s lab at Vanderbilt University by researching the development of human grade III anaplastic astrocytomas. In this lab I have gained an expanded skill set in utilizing immunofluorescence techniques to aid in mapping a new found mosaic of cell functions which may lead to much needed developments of targeted therapeutics. To a greater extent, through my direct experience comforting patients and shadowing physicians I have come to understand a glimpse of how much that lays unknown and the dreadful impact this imposes on some of the the once lively people of this world. As a Biochemistry major and Philosophy minor, I ultimately aim to apply my research in supporting the medically disadvantaged.