Heysol C. Bermudez Cabrera

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


I graduated from Hunter College with a major in Biological Sciences B.A in May 2013. This summer, I will start my journey towards my doctoral degree at the Brown University-NIH Partnership Program in Neuroscience. As a Hunter undergraduate, I worked on various research projects that encompassed the study of basic molecular mechanisms such as myelination as well as the study of motor skill mechanisms at the brain systems level. As a prospective doctoral student, I am looking to enhance my understanding in how the brain encodes and retrieves information that is crucial for proper motor learning. Awards: Estate of Dorothy Doob Baumritter Scholarship (The Scholarship & Welfare Fund of the Alumni Association of Hunter College Inc.) , May 2013. Departmental Honors in Biological Sciences, May 2013. The Else Seringhaus Award for Excellence in Research in Biological Sciences, May 2013.

Presentation Summary:

  • Bermudez Cabrera, H., Bedard, P., Kishkovich, T., Sanes, J. “Motor Adaptation and Brain Activation following Sudden and Gradual Application of Visual Distortions”. Leadership Alliance National Symposium, CT, 2012. & Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscienc
  • Bermudez Cabrera, H., Melendez-Vazques, C., Horn, M., (2012) “Myosin light chain kinase in the regulation of Schwann cells’ intracellular trafficking”. Psychology Convention (N.E.U.R.O.N), Hunter College (CUNY), 2012.
  • Bermudez Cabrera, H., Miller, N., Seidler, R. (2011) “Comparison of preferred tempo for Speech and hand tapping in Parkison’s Disease” 1st annual ENDURE meeting; Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2011W, Washington, D.C., Undergrad Science C