Hameda Khandaker

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


My name is Hameda Khandaker and I am currently a third-year undergraduate at Hunter College. I am a psychology major and am currently working on declaring creative writing and biology minors. My main interests lie in how negative emotions are influenced by our external environment and how they may change in response to different stimuli we are exposed to. I want to apply this interest further in later discerning how behavioral and neurological changes to our environment affect our personalities and our initial sense of sensation and perception. At Hunter, I am working with Dr. Victoria Luine on the gender-differentiated effects of stress on anxiety and depression. Last summer, I attended the University of Michigan and worked with Dr. Gina Poe on how activity of the locus coeruleus influences sleep and later memory skills in rats in order to understand the basic mechanisms behind high levels of norepinephrine in the brain that many PTSD patients exhibit. This summer, I plan to work with Dr. Alex Maier at the University of Vanderbilt to study the phenomenon behind neural mechanisms that influence subjective experiences during visual perception in primates. I plan to apply to graduate school in the Fall of 2013 to pursue a Ph.D. My current choices for graduate school remain in the east coast; NYU, Columbia, Rockefeller, Brown, and UMich.

Presentation Summary:

  • 1. Khandaker, H., Pena, L., Poe, G.R., Priestley, J. & Bauer, D. (October, 2012). Poster. Locus coeruleus optogenetic stimulation alters sleep structure and cognitive performance. Poster presentation at Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2012 in New Orleans,
  • 2. Khandaker H., Buenaventura, D., Belgrave, S., Gomez, J., Kwiersi, K. & Luine, V. (March 2013). Poster. Chronic stress effects on depression and anxiety: Development of a gender-based translational model for depression. Poster presentation at Undergradu