Farangis Tolibzoda

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


First year MD/PhD student at Rochester University. I received honored Bachelor in Arts of Psychology. She workied on my honors thesis in Dr. Tracy Dennis's Emotion Regulation Laboratory at Hunter College. My primary interests is the phenomenon of long term potentiation on neuronal level and its interpretation onto behavioral aspect. My project in Dr. Dennis's lab is investigation of the effect of curcumin on anxiety and fear memory in people. I am also working on a project in Dr. Dalibor Sames’s Biochemistry Lab at Columbia University where we are looking for small molecule agonists of TrkB, and are investigating the effects of natural ligand and candidate agonists in neuronal culture and in live animals. This summer, I attended the summer program at University of Michigan where I was looking at mitochondrial dynamics in an injury model under the mentorship of Dr. Catherine Collins. I plan to apply to MD/PhD program where I will pursue my Ph.D. in neuroscience and neuropathology program.

Presentation Summary:

  • Umed Boltaev, Yves Meyer, Farangis Tolibzoda, Teresa Jacques, Madalee Gassaway, and Dalibor Sames. (May 18, 2015). Challenges of Discovering TrkB Small Molecule Agonists and Modulators. Poster presented at NYAS Chemical Biology Discussion Group Year-End S
  • Samantha Berthod, Patricia Pehme, Peter Leuhring-Jones, Farangis Tolibzoda, Douglas Mennin & Tracy Dennis. (May 24, 2015). A Pilot Study: Is the BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism an Important Individual Difference in Understanding Dysregulated Response Monitorin
  • Farangis Tolibzoda, Ryan Insolera, and Catherine Collins. (August 6, 2015). Mitochondrial dynamics in an injured axon. Poster presented at BP Endure at University of Michigan summer program poster session. Ann Arbor, MI