Alejandra Patno

New York University
Graduation Status: 


My name is Alejandra Patino, I am a junior neural science major at New York University. I hope to pursue either an MD/PhD or a PhD after finishing my undergraduate years. My main interests are memory and neurodegenerative diseases. This summer I worked in Dr. Frank Tong’s lab at Vanderbilt University. We were researching the capacity and precision of visual working memory for orientation. This year I hope to get into more of the biological basis of memory. My goal is to understand how memories are formed and maintained, and what kind of things can impact this process, so that in the future I can study the memory loss of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. I hope to be able to contribute to therapies to cure or ameliorate the effects of these kinds of diseases.

Presentation Summary:

  • Patino, A., Park, Y,E., & Tong, F (August2015). Perceptual Chunking Expands Visual Working Memory Capacity. Poster session presented at the Vanderbilt University Summer Science Symposium. Nashville, Tennessee.
  • In Progress