Alec Seidenberg

Hunter College
Graduation Status: 


While enrolled at CUNY Hunter College, I have been pursuing a degree in Biology with a concentration in Behavioral Neurobiology. Since the Spring of 2016, I have assisted in the investigation of circuit adaptations in response to social stress in a rodent model. Utilizing electrophysiological recording, the Friedman Lab researches the cellular mechanisms exercised in learning, as well as those that mediate vulnerability to psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety. As Dr. Allyson Friedman’s mentee, I have gained a great foundation in applied neuroscience, research practice, and various other aspects of professional scientific pursuit. As a research scholar at Vanderbilt University in the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jennifer Urbano Blackford which expanded my interests and furthered my understanding of neuroscience as we investigated the neurocircuity of psychiatric disorders, specifically, the role of the bed nucleus stria terminalis in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Like my mentors, I aspire to achieve personal success as an academic by integrating my intellectual aptitude and post- conventional aspirations. A PhD in Neuroscience will empower me to positively affect the academic community as well as neurologically diverse individuals by providing me the opportunities to research and educate coming generations about how humanity may improve upon its condition by acting as informed stewards of our neurological assets.

Presentation Summary:

  • Seidenberg, A., Buford, M., Gardner, H., Mgboh, A., Olatunj, B., Blackford, J. (August, 2017). Intrinsic BNST Function in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Poster Session at Vanderbilt Summer Science Symposium. Nashville, Tennessee.
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