AJa Evans

New York University
Graduation Status: 


I am a rising senior at New York University and will receive a B.S. in Neural Science with minors in Psychology and Documentary film. My fascination in the neuroscience field started with an interest in investigating how experiences and environments can influence development and behavior, and ultimately change neurons and their connections at the molecular level. I have had the privilege of working in the Aoki lab at NYU with the mentorship of Dr. Chiye Aoki. There I worked on a project analyzing the branching of apical dendrites in the ventral and dorsal hippocampus of female rates, giving a new insight in development during adolescence. This past summer I also had an amazing experience completing an internship at Brown University where I worked in Dr. David Badre’s lab investigating cognitive control policies. Control policies an integral aspect of knowledge needed in order to coordinate internal cognitive processes on a moment-by-moment basis for a task at hand. The study I worked on investigated the transfer of control policies from past experiences to novel situations. I hope to continue perusing a career in research in the neuroscience field and have begun to focus my interests in investigating how our experiences can shape how we think and orient our actions in our constantly changing world.